Geometry Dash SubZero | All Levels with 3 coins

2 мес. назад

Omae wa mou shindeiru... Nani the f*ck.


2 мес. назад

I doubt i'll finish this, but still, if you support this maybe i'll get motivated to do it. Also, if that happens, it will have a remix of the song, since Fingerbang isn't uploaded to newgrounds,...


2 мес. назад

Things happen when i'm bored.

Geometry Dash | Level 21 "Fingerdash" (3 coins)

3 мес. назад

Sup' guys. I noticed that this was the only level that i didn't upload, so i decided to do it (not that anyone watches them). You can consider this as a comeback, i think.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Gameplay Challenge #1 | Only Cube Challenge (CUT)

11 мес. назад

New Series! (No, i'm not going to leave it). This series consists of creating a layout but with a challenge, in this case i created a layout without using any other vehicle than the cube, enjoy...

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 14/02/17 | Unity by GDJose (2 coins)

1 г. назад

I'm really dissapointed of Jose, i hope this is the last bad level that he makes, really, is so generic. Estoy muy descepcionado de Jose, espero que este sea el último mal nivel que haga,...

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 13/02/17 | Phantom by TheRealSalad (3 coins)

1 г. назад

THIS is the kind of level that has to be Daily :) ESTE es el tipo de nivel que debe ser Daily :)

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 12/02/17 | Dinosaur by Alkali (2 coins)

1 г. назад

Wow, didn't expected an Insane level to be Daily, this is a very fun level, i really like this Daily, good job, Alkali ;) Wow, no me esperaba que un Daily fuese Insane, este es un nivel muy...

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 11/02/17 | Identification by Tedesco96 (1 coin)

1 г. назад

Ugh, another generic Daily. Ugh, otro Daily genérico.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 10/02/17 | Aquarius by Skitten (3 coins)

1 г. назад

Very fun level and very good Coins :D Nivel muy divertido y muy buenas Coins :D.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 09/02/17 | Payload by TheRM22 (3 coins)

1 г. назад

I really expected Afterlife by Fillipsmen to be the Daily... oh, well... En serio esperaba que Afterlife por Fillipsmen fuera el Daily... oh, bueno...

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 08/02/17 | Massacre by GD Jose (3 coins)

1 г. назад

I'm a fan of Jose, seriously. Soy fan de Jose, en serio.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 07/02/17 | Flax by Thomartin (3 coins)

1 г. назад

This level... i don't know if i like it... but, i approve it. Este nivel... no se si me gusta... pero, lo apruebo.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 06/02/17 | Hydro by Lemons (3 coins)

1 г. назад

This level lagged so bad, but it is easy, there's no prob. Este nivel se lagueo mucho, pero es fácil, no hay problema.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 05/02/17 | Confusion by Schady (3 coins)

1 г. назад

This isn't fun when you die 4 times in the 4th speed ship. Esto ya no es divertido cuando mueres 4 veces en la nave a 4ta velocidad.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 04/02/17 | Nocturna by Pipenashho (3 coins)

1 г. назад

This was hard to record due to lag, i even enabled the Low Detail Mode and disabled the Wi-fi. Esto fue difícil de grabar debido al lag, incluso active el Low Detail Mode y desactive el Wi-fi.

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 03/02/17 | Shards of Power by Lerevon (3 coins)

1 г. назад

I don't like this type of levels, but what can i do? It's a Daily :) No me gustan este tipo de niveles, ¿pero qué puedo hacer? Es un Daily :)

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 02/02/17 | Vooper by Serponge (3 coins)

1 г. назад

What is a User Coin by the sponge? A uSerponge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ¿Qué es una User Coins por la esponja? Una uSerponge ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Geometry Dash [2.1] | Daily Level 01/02/17 | Hydra by DarwinGD (3 coins)

1 г. назад

First Daily Level of february and my first video in GD 2.1 :D These levels will be uploaded one day after the daily level is released. Primer Nivel Diario de febrero y mi primer video en GD...


1 г. назад


Geometry Dash Meltdown | All Levels with 3 coins

1 г. назад

Did i come late to the party? ;)