tweety 6ix-t33n

Armored Warefare: Assault

4 мес. назад

This is a brand new tank game that has modern tanks from some countries but is still brand new and new tanks will come into the game over time. I've been ...

STA-1 Quick thinking?

4 мес. назад

Haven't uploaded a video in quite a while, glad to be back and uploading something. This gameplay shows how to use the STA's good mobility and quick reload ...

IS-4 Nasty? WoTB

6 мес. назад

Gameplay of IS-4 in World Of Tanks Blitz in the new Update (4.5)

Bullet Force (Short Gameplay)

7 мес. назад

Uploaded Nov 20th Short video of my "new" favorite game.

WOTB Amazing JgPzE100

8 мес. назад

Just how did i do this i dont even know. But do enjoy the gameplay from a few weeks ago, took me a while to finally get this uploaded.

Chi-Ri gameplay

9 мес. назад

This is how I sorta use the Chi-Ri, and in my option its probably the best teir 7 for me because of how much damage it could do in a fast rapid succession.

How to angle with the Maus

9 мес. назад

September 8 2017 How to angle with the Maus though yes i know that the enemy team was well spread out and i was being a bit cocky at the end but still shows ...