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Crafty Panda

Life Before and After Smartphones

2 дн. назад

Do you remember (or wonder) what life was like without smartphones?! Buckle up and prepare to time travel, we're going to take you down memory lane!

11 Fun and Useful Phone Hacks

1 нед. назад

Have you ever wanted to become a phone hacker? Well now, it's your chance to shine! With these cool and fun phone hacks, you'll be able to customize your ...

Valentine’s Day Special: From Him and I to DIY

2 нед. назад

Looking to surprise your significant other on Valentine's Day? It's not too late! We've got you covered with our Valentine's Day Special! Learn how to craft Lego ...

Toys Nostalgia: 12 Cool Ways to Reuse Lego, Puzzle, Toy soldiers and More

2 нед. назад

Want to give your childhood toys a chance to shine one more time? We've got you covered with a dozen cool ways to repurpose your toys and bring them back ...

Sew Much Fabric - Sew Little Time! 12 Cool Sewing Hacks to Save the Day

2 нед. назад

Are you ready to put those colorful spools of thread to good use?! We've got some ideas for you! Discover a bunch of cool ways to decorate your clothes with just ...

Make Old Toys Great Again: 11 Fun Ways to Repurpose Childhood Stuff

3 нед. назад

Any chance you still have your old childhood toys scattered around the house? Instead of throwing them away, why not give them another chance to cheer you ...

12 Smart Yet Easy Beauty and Fashion Hacks For Busy Girls and More!

4 нед. назад

Eager to discover a bunch of new beauty and fashion secrets to help you through the day? Stop right here! Learn how to eliminate a messy eyeshadow routine, ...

From Bad Luck to Beauty: 10 Cool Beauty Hacks

4 нед. назад

Do you feel like upgrading your makeup routine? You came to the right place! Prolong the life of your cosmetics with these simple DIY beauty hacks. Learn how ...

Too Cool For School! 10 Clever School Supplies Ideas and other DIY Crafts

1 мес. назад

Are you ready to repurpose those old school supplies? Oh, yes! Look at the clock - It's time for school hacks! Learn how to customize your notebooks, keep your ...

11 Smart and Helpful Beauty Hacks

1 мес. назад

Looking forward to stepping up your beauty game? You came to the right place! Learn how to choose the right makeup color for your skin, achieve curly hair ...

Awesome Fashion Hacks: 31 Way to Wear a Scarf

1 мес. назад

Are you a fashion enthusiast looking for new ways to wear a scarf? We got you covered! Learn how to keep your neck warm in a cool way! Also take it a step ...

Release your Creativity: Easy Painting Techniques and Drawing Hacks

1 мес. назад

Looking for creative ways to design postcards or eye catching paintings?! You came to the right place! Discover tons of cool and interesting painting techniques ...

15 Cool and Easy Fashion Hacks: Reuse Jeans and More Denim DIY Ideas

2 мес. назад

Feel like your blue denim clothing needs a new color twist?! You came to the right place! Learn how to attach fancy pockets, different textures, custom art, outline ...

21 Fun and Simple Drawing Tricks: Easy Tips on How to Draw and Doodle

2 мес. назад

Feel like taking a creative doodling challenge or just learning some cool drawing tricks in general? Awesome! We came up with a dozen smart sketches based ...

Awesome Winter Life-Hacks: 14 Fashion Hacks to Keep You Warm

2 мес. назад

Winter is here! And although it's cold out, there's no such thing as bad weather - only bad clothing choices that can and should be fixed. And what's more, who ...

Last Minute Christmas DIY Ideas: Christmas Recipes, Decorations and Gift Ideas

2 мес. назад

Christmas is here in just a couple of days, and you have no idea of how to set everything up? No worries, we got you covered! With these last-minute Christmas ...

8 Christmas Pranks! Mean Gift Wrapping Ideas and Funny Pranks

2 мес. назад

It's that time of the year! Why not try taking your holidays up a notch and wrap your Christmas presents in a cool and funny way!? Discover numerous of hilarious ...

11 Simple and Creative Christmas Recipes! And More Christmas Treat ideas

2 мес. назад

People are getting into the Christmas spirit and we're here to stuff your belly with dozens of creative Christmas recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Turn Edibles into Christmas Decor! Candy Decorations And More DIY Christmas Ideas

2 мес. назад

Christmas time is coming to town! And we've got you covered with gorgeous DIY edible Christmas decorations! Instead of wandering store aisles, why not ...

10 Fun DIY School Supplies! School Hacks and More!

2 мес. назад

We have brought you another set of cool DIY school hacks to help you out through the day! Discover how to amplify your phone speaker, design your own ...

Relax! And Fix it with 10 Cool and Simple Hairstyles and Hair Hacks

3 мес. назад

Inspired to start your day with a new look? Perfect! We're here to bring you a bunch of cool DIY hairstyle ideas for you to try! Learn how to stop that static hair ...