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ASMR (New!😂) Lullabies Medley with Anime & Video Game OST 자장가메들리

3 дн. назад

Hello! This is PPOMO! :) It's Lullabies Medley with Anime & Video Game OST! I sang so many songs. :) Do you like my singing? I hope so..! :) Thanks for your ...

[ASMR PPOMO 24/7] to Relax, Sleep, Tingle and Study (3D Sound)

4 дн. назад

This is 24/7 ASMR all day streaming (3D Sound) for your relaxing, sleeping, tingles and studying everyday. :) I'm here always for you. ASMR is a relaxing ...

ASMR Strong & Close Mouth Sounds 깊은입소리

4 дн. назад

deep and close also sticky sounds from old memories. PATREON (donation) : https://www.patreon.com/PPOMODOLI Twitch (streaming): ...

ASMR Both Side Different Ear Cleaning👂 매이드 귀청소

6 дн. назад

Reuploaded my old video. :3 We'll clean your ears! Thanks for watching! #asmr PATREON (donation) : https://www.patreon.com/PPOMODOLI Twitch ...

ASMR 20 Nail Tappings Heaven ✨ 손톱탭핑

1 нед. назад

Hello! It's 20 Tappings with nails for tapping manias! Haha I felt so sleepy when I recorded it. I prepared so many materials, I hope you enjoy them all!

ASMR How to Get Your Tingles (English) 🌙

2 нед. назад

Hello! It's one of my old videos. XD My poor pronunciation! You can find your triggers on these tests with listening to whispering, tapping, trigger words, etc.

ASMR 10 Close Up Personal Attention 👐 쓰담쓰담시각터칭

2 нед. назад

Hello! It's 10 close up personal attention video for your relaxing and sleeping with eyes tapping, stipple, face and hair brushing, hand movements, latex gloves, ...

ASMR Sugar Girl's Meal 🍭🍬🍪 설탕소녀의 식사시간

3 нед. назад

This is sweets eating sounds ASMR with candies, jellies, cookies, chocolates, popping candy, marshmallows, cotton candy, gum! You can listen different ...

ASMR Honey  Mouth 벌꿀입소리 🍯

4 нед. назад

This is Honey Mouth sounds for ASMR! I used honey and honey comb for mouth sounds and eating sounds. :) Thanks for your supporting and attention! :) Have ...

ASMR Breathy  Wind 🌙 숨결귓바람

1 мес. назад

Welcome back! It's breathy ear blowing & hand movements ASMR! I tried different ways to soft and tingly ear blowing! I hope you like them all. :) PATREON ...

ASMR Treatments on Slime Ears

1 мес. назад

I made ASMR slime ear treatments in English! Aww but I felt shame because of my poor pronunciation. X0 Anyway I hope you like it :D PATREON (donation) ...

ASMR The Cake is a Lie 포탈케이크

1 мес. назад

Do you know the game portal? I'm a big fan of the game. XD Umm, actually I'm not sure if it has good sounds for ASMR because it's focused on making Portal ...

ASMR Tasty  Cutting 🍴 다양한 음식 자르는 소리

2 мес. назад

00:05 preview 01:44 mushrooms 06:33 cucumbers 13:19 chocolate 18:02 cotton candies 23:09 macarons (short) 24:09 marshmallow 33:43 watermelon 41:27 ...

ASMR 400 Triggers! 400가지 소리

2 мес. назад

Hello! It's me again! XD September is coming soon already! How have you been? :) I hope you are doing well. I used to make triggers compilation before so this ...

ASMR Ear Cupping for Sleeping 😇 귀 막는소리

2 мес. назад

Hello! This is ear cupping sounds collection with different cups! :) I like these triggers. How about you? :) I hope you like it! Thanks. PATREON (Supporting) ...

ASMR Jelly Ear Massage 😍 젤리귀마사지

2 мес. назад

This is lotion, oil, baby powder and honey ear massage with jelly puff for your relaxing! :) I hope you like it! Thanks always! PATREON (Supporting) ...

ASMR ice for your Cooling & Refreshing ❄️ 얼음소리

2 мес. назад

It's too hot weather! So, this is ice sounds collection with various different ices for your cooling and refreshing! :) I hope you like it. :) Thanks for watching and take ...

ASMR Face  Massage 얼굴마사지 😊✨

2 мес. назад

Welcome back! It's face touching with my hands, jelly puffs, oil, baby powder, lotion for 1H! :) I hope you like it! Thanks for watching! PATREON (Supporting) ...

ASMR Korean 결혼 메이크업 💐 Wedding Makeup

3 мес. назад

It's wedding makeup ASMR. :) I hope you like it! PATREON (Supporting) : https://www.patreon.com/PPOMODOLI Twitch (Home): ...

ASMR Korean  Lip  Tints 💄립제품 소개 & 발라주기

3 мес. назад

Hello! This is PPOMO. :) It's new ASMR Covering Korean Lip tints. I'm not sure if you like makeup ASMR but I hope you like it. :) PATREON (Supporting) ...

ASMR Trip to The Solar System 🌌 태양계여행

3 мес. назад

This is ASMR The Solar System with hand movements, ear blowing, fire, spraying water, wood tappings, singing bowl, sands and light triggers!. :) The video's ...