ASMR Face  Massage 얼굴마사지 😊✨

2 дн. назад

Welcome back! It's face touching with my hands, jelly puffs, oil, baby powder, lotion for 1H! :) I hope you like it! Thanks for watching! PATREON (Supporting) ...

[ASMR PPOMO 24/7] to Relax, Sleep, Tingle and Study (3D Sound)

4 дн. назад

This is 24/7 ASMR all day streaming (3D Sound) for your relaxing, sleeping, tingles and studying everyday. :) I'm here always for you. ASMR is a relaxing ...

ASMR Korean 결혼 메이크업 💐 Wedding Makeup

2 нед. назад

It's wedding makeup ASMR. :) I hope you like it! PATREON (Supporting) : Twitch (Home): ...

ASMR Korean  Lip  Tints 💄립제품 소개 & 발라주기

2 нед. назад

Hello! This is PPOMO. :) It's new ASMR Covering Korean Lip tints. I'm not sure if you like makeup ASMR but I hope you like it. :) PATREON (Supporting) ...

ASMR Trip to The Solar System 🌌 태양계여행

3 нед. назад

This is ASMR The Solar System with hand movements, ear blowing, fire, spraying water, wood tappings, singing bowl, sands and light triggers!. :) The video's ...

ASMR Relaxing Bath  Time 😌 목욕시간

4 нед. назад

It's ASMR relaxing bath time with toothbrushing, shampoo, gargling, soap, bubbles, wash your face and bath bomb sounds! It needs many times for variety ...

ASMR Honey Ear & Face Massage 🍯👂 꿀로 얼굴과 귀마사지

1 мес. назад

Honey is good for your skin and health! XD I'll massage your ears and face with very sticky sounds. :) The color theme is yellow, black, brown. I hope you like it!

ASMR 12 Triggers to Help You Fall Asleep 🌛 잠오는 사물모음

2 мес. назад

This is "12 Triggers to Help You Fall Asleep with relaxing and tingly objects compilation" :) I prepared many things for this. I hope you like the triggers.

ASMR 20 Tapping You & Personal Attention 👏 여러분을 탭핑

2 мес. назад

This is ASMR tapping you and personal attention with various and different objects (brush, gloves, wooden stuffs, light, puffs, etc XD)! I hope you like it. :) Thanks ...

ASMR I'm  Jelly😚 (Relaxing Water Beads & Gel & Slime) 젤리소리

2 мес. назад

It's relaxing water beads(like orbeez, water marbles), gel, slime sounds collection with touching, cutting, pouring, stirring! Gel beads are too addictive and clear ...

ASMR Inaudible Whisper & Lips with Hand Movements 이해할 수 없는 소리

2 мес. назад

It's inaudible whispering, camera brushing and handmovements with mouth sounds ASMR! This video was one of my old ASMR video. :) Do you remember it? it ...

ASMR Cleansing You ✨😊✨ 얼굴닦아주기

2 мес. назад

It's cleansing your face ASMR with cleansing oil, foam cleanser, sponge, brush, puff, Q tips!! It might be my first trying to clean your face :0! So I think it's not ...

Curing Depression & Insomnia All Night ASMR (English) 우울증치료

3 мес. назад

It's curing depression and insomnia all night ASMR It's been a long time. :3 It's made with no scripts! I need to study English more. XDD my sentences are too ...

Deep & Intense Wooden Earwax Cleaning ASMR 🌲 바삭하고 자극적인 깊은 나무귀지 청소

3 мес. назад

This is "Deep & Intense Crisp Wooden Earwax Ear Cleaning ASMR" with no talking video. I'm not sure if it's good to you because it's very intense sounds.

All of Liquid ASMR 💦💧 액체소리

3 мес. назад

It's ASMR liquid sounds collection with fizzing, shaking and water drops sounds! :3 I prepared so many different sounds! I hope you like them all. :) The weather ...

ASMR Ear  Shaving & Foam Ear Massage 💈 귀 면도하기

3 мес. назад

This video is ear shaving and ear massage with shaving cream and fizzing popping candy powder! XD You can listen shaving sounds on your ears , ear ...

ASMR 200 Triggers😍

3 мес. назад

This is 200 Preview Sounds Compilation! XD Many people is waiting for it! I hope you like it! 0:05 2:27 ...

Cleaning Window ASMR 💧✨ 창문청소

4 мес. назад

It's cleaning your window with spraying, liquid and various wipers ASMR! :) but I'm not sure this video is good :3 It's my other new trying and I feel that I have a bit ...

Realistic Shampoo  Time💦 ASMR 샴푸타임

4 мес. назад

Hello! It's shampoo, scalp massage, hair brushing and washing with no talking ASMR! I tried to record it with new setting. XD haha I want to bring something like ...

ASMR Zig  Zag Rattling for Sleeping💤 잠오는드르륵

4 мес. назад

Do you like zipper sounds? I prepared many rattling sounds like scratching zipper sounds with no talking. I hope you like them! :) 00:06 preview 01:44 zigzag ...

Stippling You & Trigger Words ASMR 단어반복 & 얼굴톡톡

4 мес. назад

I'll stipple your face with different brushes, my hands and tools gently today! ;) Also I prepared so many trigger words for you! Which trigger word do you like ...