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First We Feast

Jay Park Breaks Down Korean Bar Food | Curry Shop

43 мин. назад

Jay Park is a K-Pop heartthrob turned Roc Nation rapper. But these days he's also become an ambassador for Korean drinking culture thanks to his hit single ...

Lilly Singh Fears for Her Life While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

4 дн. назад

Lilly Singh is a YouTube juggernaut with more than 14 million subscribers, as well as a writer, producer, actress, and New York Time's best-selling author.

E-40 Asks a Fan to Save Him While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

2 нед. назад

E-40 is a hip-hop legend with more than three decades in the game, two dozen studio albums in his catalogue, and a burgeoning beverage empire that bears ...

Ronny Chieng and Mike Chen Explain Curry Hot Pot | Curry Shop

2 нед. назад

Hot pot is the perfect cold weather comfort meal. So when Horsepowar heard about a Malaysian curry hot pot bubbling up in NYC, you know she had to check it ...

Lil Yachty Has His First Experience With Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

3 нед. назад

Lil Yachty is a platinum-selling, Grammy-nominated rap superstar with a boatload of hits to his name and some of the biggest endorsements in hip-hop. But how ...

Joji and Rich Brian Grill Exotic Meats for a House Party | Feast Mansion

3 нед. назад

It's Joji and Rich Brian's final night at Feast Mansion, and they're going out with a bang. With 88rising's end-of-summer blowout finally upon them, the guys ...

Japanese Curry 101 with Rina Sawayama (Feat. Emmymade in Japan) | Curry Shop

3 нед. назад

Sushi and ramen might get most of the shine in the U.S., but in Japan kare raisu—or Japanese curry rice—is practically a national obsession. A little sweet, a ...

Adam Carolla Rants Like a Pro While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

4 нед. назад

Adam Carolla is a radio legend, TV host, filmmaker, and best-selling author—not to mention one of Sean Evans' broadcasting heroes. But how is he with hot ...

Joji and Rich Brian Have an Instant Noodle Battle | Feast Mansion

4 нед. назад

Joji and Rich Brian are about to hit the road on the 88 Degrees and Rising Tour, and that can only mean one thing: lots and lots of instant noodles. Cheap, fast ...

Jamaican Food 101 with Sean Paul and Chi Ching Ching | Curry Shop

4 нед. назад

Sean Paul is a dancehall icon and certified hit maker. But he's also a ride-or-die obsessive when it comes to the food of his native Jamaica. Anxious to learn ...

Anderson .Paak Sings Hot Sauce Ballads While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

1 мес. назад

Anderson .Paak is a critically-acclaimed, Grammy-nominated singer, rapper, drummer, and producer—but how is he with hot food? Find out as the multi-talented ...

Joji and Rich Brian Make a Classic Japanese Street Food | Feast Mansion

1 мес. назад

Takoyaki is one of Joji's favorite Japanese street snacks. But what happens when the octopus balls are stuffed with cheeseburger and s'more ingredients?

Aasif Mandvi Taste Tests High-End Indian Dishes | Curry Shop

1 мес. назад

Indian food has been lumped in the “cheap eats” category for decades in America. But in NYC, there's a rich tradition of high-end Indian restaurants that ...

Tenacious D Gets Rocked By Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

1 мес. назад

Jack Black and Kyle Gass have been rocking crowds as Tenacious D for more than two decades. But what happens when they get rocked by the wings of death ...

Joji and Rich Brian Learn How to Make Sushi | Feast Mansion

1 мес. назад

It takes years of training to become a sushi master in Japan. But can Brian and Joji master the craft in time for their party tonight? Joined by Yoya Takahashi, the ...

Jo Koy Gives a Filipino Food Crash Course | Curry Shop

1 мес. назад

Welcome to the Curry Shop: a new weekly series that explores one of the world's most misunderstood comfort foods. From Japan to Jamaica to China to Vietnam ...

Chrissy Teigen Gets Drunk on Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

2 мес. назад

Chrissy Teigen kicks off Hot Ones Season 7 in dramatic fashion, taking one of the most unorthodox approaches we've seen yet to the wings of death. As she ...

Joji and Rich Brian Get an Omelette Master Class from a French Chef | Feast Mansion

2 мес. назад

Joji and Rich Brian are on a mission to make omurice, a Japanese classic that's been dominating their Instagram feeds. But first they need to learn how to make ...

The Curry Shop Is Coming | NEW SERIES Trailer

2 мес. назад

Curry is one of the world's most ubiquitous comfort foods, but also one of its most misunderstood. In "The Curry Shop," a new weekly series premiering October 8 ...

Sean Evans Reveals the Season 7 Hot Sauce Lineup | Hot Ones

2 мес. назад

Hot Ones Season 7 premieres next week, and you know what that means, spice lords: It's time to reveal the new hot-sauce lineup! Watch Sean Evans unveil the ...

Joji and Rich Brian Make Spicy Indonesian Fried Chicken | Feast Mansion

2 мес. назад

Hot Ones alums Joji and Rich Brian are tired of being on the receiving end of fiery chicken wings. Hoping to make a splash at their new L.A. party pad, the guys ...