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ASMR reading your assumptions about me!! (all your questions answered)

13 час. назад

゚🦋 .。。*゚ • my instagram [feel free to always reach out to me]: @miasmrr •donations for my channel : •••...

ASMR Reading * Graphic Novel Coraline

2 мес. назад

Part 2: Book Link: Instagram @terradiasmr Twitter @TerraDiASMR ...

[ASMR] Reading to you for sleep- Soft spoken relaxation

9 мес. назад

Hello there Lovelies! This was a sample of work a subscriber had given to share with you all. The Author is simply looking for feedback on the sample chapters ...

ASMR | Reading Old Timey Recipes (Whisper)

2 дн. назад

This video features some good, old-fashioned recipes, read in a whisper. :)

ASMR Librarian Roleplay Soft Whispering Tapping Page turning Reading for Tingles

2 дн. назад

Instagram: Patreon: Paypal Donations: ASMR Librarian ...

ASMR Hookah || Reading Your Assumptions About Me

1 нед. назад

These get juicy... ASMR Reading Your Assumptions About Me Read all about HOOKAH here: ...

The Odyssey (Complete Story, 3 HOURS) | ASMR Book Reading

4 мес. назад

Here's to those of you who really enjoyed the Odyssey series. Follow Odysseus from the sack of Troy through Hades and back, to return to Penelope and ...

ASMR - Tapping On My Favorite Books (page turning, whispers, reading to you)

4 дн. назад

It's been awhile since I have done any object-focused ASMR videos, so here is one all about books. I talk (and tap) on my favorite books, and it is just a nice, ...

ASMR - Reading You to Sleep #7 ♡

1 мес. назад

Chapter 9! ✽ The Last Episode ➜ ✽ My Last Video: SUPER Close Up Pure Whispers ➜ ✽ I'm on the Tingles ...

[ASMR] Reading You Harry Potter 📖⚡️ (Sorcerers Stone Chapter 1) | MattyTingles

3 мес. назад

Please let me know if you want me to continue this series. I really enjoyed making it and of course I love these books. I'm hoping it's relaxing for you and that ...

ASMR reading whispering Italian painter Canaletto in Greek | #soundsofmylife

4 г. назад

Asmr reading gentle whispering relaxation sleep whisper poem reading session sounds hypnosis voice hypnotic reading poetry asmr reading poems in ...

Icelandic ASMR* Reading The Ancient Icelandic Sagas* Find Your Inner Viking*

1 г. назад

Join me reading the sagas in old Icelandic. My Twitter: About Egils saga: My ...

ASMR Deep voice Reading from Difficult Book in Swedish | Binaural

9 мес. назад

Fall asleep instantly as I read in Swedish from this very challenging philosophy book from 1781, Critique of Pure Reason, by Immanuel Kant. Hope you enjoy ...

ASMR| My Spring Reading List - Book Tapping, Page Flipping, Upclose Ear to Ear Whispering

3 дн. назад

I know it's not Spring yet but I wanted to share the books I plan to read this Spring. One of my favorite ASMRtist just uploaded her reading list too here it is ...

ASMR (All in Finnish, soft spoken, reading)

2 г. назад

You can just close your eyes and listen me talking some random suff in my random native language. Ja suomalaiset voi sitten vaan ihmetellä, ei mitään vakavaa ...

ASMR Reading You To SLEEP | With Famous POETRY (Binaural, Ear To Ear)

2 г. назад

Welcome. Remember that. You're ALWAYS welcome here. Know every single person who comes to my channel, I am thankful for. Humbled for. This is our ...

RUSSIAN ASMR - Reading a story in russian - whispering and relax

2 г. назад

Hello everyone! I am finally here with a new video. I am really sorry for bad pronounciation. I don't read in russian since a long time, and also in this story there ...

ASMR 😴 Sleeping Beauty 📖 Story Book Reading (whisper and soft spoken)

6 мес. назад

In this ASMR tingle video, you can sit back and relax with headphones on!! Listen to Sleeping Beauty story book reading, and drift off into an enchanted sleep!

ASMR 2H Bedtime Fairy Tale: Peter Pan (Soft Spoken, Page Turning, Paper Sounds..)

2 г. назад

Welcome to my new ASMR video! This video includes page turning, paper sounds, page turning, it's soft spoken and gets softer and softer! Hope you enjoy!

ASMR (British Accent) Book Review/Reading

4 дн. назад

Series I forgot the name of: Malazan Book of the Fallen Books mentioned: + The Name of the Wind ...

ASMR Reading Milk And Honey Poems - Page Turning - Whispering For Sleep

6 мес. назад

hey guys! This is an amazing poetry book. it is called milk and honey by Rupi Kaur. They're relatable and dramatic poems about love and life and its everything.