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The Caucasus: Mountains Full of Languages

1 г. назад

This region has a new language around every mountain. Over 50 languages and 7 language families! Learn why the Caucasus is one of the world's language ...

History of the North Caucasus' Instability

6 г. назад

Stratfor Eurasia Analyst Eugene Chausovsky discusses the importance, geography and history of the North Caucasus, which has been a continual security ...

Origins of the Caucasian people, Caucasus region and Rasicm

2 г. назад

Origins of the Caucasians, Caucasus region and Rasicm.

Full Documentary | Georgia & The Great Caucasus

3 г. назад

Full documentary about Georgia, this country is located in the Caucasus, along the black sea. It is a country with European vocation and western spirit with great ...

History of the South Caucasus - Every Year

2 г. назад

See the History of the Vital region connecting Europe and the Middle East, the South Caucasus every Year. Music and Documents used for Creation are in the ...

Caucasus in 4K

11 мес. назад

A video of my trip to the Caucasus in August 2017. The entire film was shot on DJI Mavic Pro drone in Armenia and Georgia. Here is a brief list of locations that ...

People of the Caucasus

10 г. назад

Music by Davit Odzelashvili - My world This is a video, about the native people of the Caucasus region: Georgians, Vainakhs, Dagestanis, Circassians etc.

Why Are White People Called Caucasian?

7 мес. назад

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Who are the Real Caucasians?

1 г. назад

Who are the real Caucasian people? We often use the term "Caucasian" in our everyday vernacular to describe people of European decent, but what does the ...

Caucasus Circassian dance freedom for Circassia Kabardinka

3 г. назад

Circassia is a country located in North Caucasus.

Beautiful Russia: Caucasus Mountains (Lezginka dance) in HD

6 г. назад

Wedding Lezginka dance^^ hope you like it^^

Gebirgsjäger - German mountain troops in the Caucasus 1942 (Combat Footage)

1 г. назад

Music = Position Music - Imperatrix Mundi This footage is part world war 2 and should be viewed as educational. This footage is not meant to glorify war or ...

Russia vs. Georgia: The War That Shook The Caucasus

2 мес. назад

A decade ago, war broke out between Russia and Georgia in the separatist regions of South Ossetia and Abkhazia, with each side accusing the other of starting ...


7 мес. назад


Dagestan amazing performance dance and music from Caucasus

4 г. назад

Дагестанский ансамбль танца.

Loreena McKennitt Night Ride Across the Caucasus

11 г. назад

Night Ride Across the Caucasus by Loreena McKennitt made by hikmet chechnya chechnia bashlam caucassia adiga çerkes galgay chardak dudayev ...

Caucasus trip - part 1 (Tbilisi - Georgia, Baku - Azerbaidjan)

2 г. назад

Last October we went backpacking through Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. This is the first part of our aftermovie. Music: - Parov Stelar - All night - Urban ...

North Caucasus

3 г. назад

North Caucasus mountains is a fantastic place for stargazers and astrophotographers. A lot of hard-to-reach places without cellular network and any artificial ...

Caucasus Mountains - 4K Timelapse

1 г. назад

Photographer and editor - Sergey Pakhomov Music composer - James Joshua Otto "Transcend" ...

Caucasus: travel documentary (Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia)

4 нед. назад

The Caucasus is an interesting region suspended between Europe and Asia. It is at the crossroad of the two continents and has a compelling blend of East and ...