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Jimmy Kimmel on Valentine's Day, Kanye & Kim, and Trump

7 дн. назад

Jimmy talks to Guillermo about his Valentine's Day plans, Kanye West's elaborate Valentine's Day gift for wife Kim Kardashian, and Donald Trump spreads the ...

Ellen DeGeneres Makes Fun of Jimmy Kimmel's Phone Case

2 мес. назад

Ellen points out Jimmy's interesting lit-up selfie cell phone case and demands an answer for why he has it. The Story of the Chanucorn!

Jimmy Kimmel Responds to Trump's State of the Union

2 нед. назад

Jimmy shares his thoughts on Donald Trump's State of the Union Address, and Guillermo gives the Democratic response. Lie Witness News – LA Rams Won the ...

Jimmy Kimmel Talks to Kids About Love

2 нед. назад

Valentine's Day is around the corner and love is very grown up stuff. So Jimmy decided to see what kids nowadays are thinking by sitting down with two young ...

Ben Affleck's Son Doesn't Love the Patriots

7 дн. назад

Ben talks about going to a Red Sox/Dodgers World Series game with Jimmy and stupid Matt Damon, finding out his son is a Rams fan, redecorating his son's ...

YouTube Challenge – Hey Jimmy Kimmel, I Made Spaghetti and Snowballs

2 нед. назад

Jimmy issued a new #YouTubeChallenge during the #PolarVortex for those stuck at home in the cold. He asked people to go outside, make a few snowballs, put ...

Dua Lipa Pranks Jimmy Kimmel

4 мес. назад

Jimmy's wife Molly thinks that it's very funny when pop stars break into their house and wake him up in the middle of the night. It started a few years ago with ...

Can You Name a Country?

7 мес. назад

Donald Trump is overseas visiting Belgium, England, Scotland and then his pal Putin in Russia. It is imperative that America has strong relationships with and ...

Ben Affleck on Ending His Reign as Batman

7 дн. назад

Ben talks about ending his time as Batman and we retire his beloved cape. Josh Groban's Album of Wedding Songs https://youtu.be/a3VP974vdXI SUBSCRIBE ...

YouTube Challenge – I Turned Off the TV During Fortnite

2 мес. назад

Jimmy issued a new #YouTubeChallenge to sneak up on your kids while they're playing Fortnite and turn off the TV. Jimmy asked and many of you answered ...

Jimmy Kimmel Sits with Stupid Matt Damon at World Series

4 мес. назад

There were a lot of Red Sox fans at Dodger Stadium for the last game of the World Series, including an obnoxious jerk that Jimmy was forced to sit next to.

Jimmy Kimmel Confronts Jennifer Aniston About Her Friendsgiving Dinner

3 мес. назад

Jimmy confronts Jennifer about her Friendsgiving dinner and explains why he has a problem with it. Jennifer reveals that Jimmy's daughter pooped in her ...

Trump Can't Control Himself Around Putin

3 мес. назад

Donald Trump was in Paris over the weekend to mark the 100-year anniversary of the end of World War I. His friend Vladimir Putin also showed up and Trump ...

Marie Kondo Helps Jimmy Kimmel Tidy Up

3 нед. назад

Marie Kondo is the reason everyone you know is suddenly cleaning up. She wrote a book and has a Netflix show called “Tidying Up.” If you haven't seen it ...

Guillermo at Super Bowl Opening Night 2019

3 нед. назад

Every year at the Super Bowl they have an opening night where members of the media get to talk to players from both teams. They get it all done at once, and ...

Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni & Tracy Morgan

3 нед. назад

Despite Jimmy and Tracy Morgan's fear of wild animals, Dave Salmoni teaches them about Tamanduas, Zebras, Screaming Hairy Armadillos, Galapagos ...

Ben Stiller Stole from Jimmy Kimmel

2 мес. назад

Ben presents Jimmy with a very thoughtful Christmas gift that upon further investigation appears to be something that Jimmy ordered for himself and Ben stole off ...

Jimmy Kimmel Is Convinced 'The Bachelor' Is Not a Virgin

4 нед. назад

Jimmy Kimmel explained to Ellen why he thinks current "The Bachelor" star Colton Underwood is not a virgin as he proclaims to be. Plus, the late-night host ...

Lena Headey on Final Season of Game of Thrones

4 нед. назад

Lena talks about the shooting the final season of 'Game of Thrones,' getting emotional about it coming to an end, sneaking boys into the house when she was ...

"No President Ever Worked Harder" Than Donald Trump

1 нед. назад

Someone inside the Trump administration leaked his private work schedule, which again looked very light. According to the schedule, Trump spends the first five ...