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US needs Western Hemisphere strategy to confront China, Russia influence: Gen. Keane

1 дн. назад

General Jack Keane (Ret.) on the military strength of Russia and China.

Russia will easily design new missiles to defend itself if US pulls out of INF – Putin

11 час. назад

Russia may easily respond to the US withdrawal from the milestone INF Treaty by developing new types of land-based missiles, Vladimir Putin said at Defense ...

Russian bomber touches down on America's doorstep

1 нед. назад

Russian President Vladimir Putin is on America's doorstep in Venezuela with nuclear-capable bombers that can fly twice the speed of sound. CNN's Brian Todd ...

Россия 24. Последние новости России и мира

2 г. назад

Россия 24 - это новости 24 часа в прямом эфире. Подпишись на канал: Официальный...

Fairytale Frosty Winter Came to Russian Small Provincial Town / Different Russia

16 час. назад

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Can Russia Invade Europe?

2 мес. назад

if Russia was to invade Europe, how would it do it and could it do it at all? In 2017, Russia conducted a series of military exercises known as Zapad, or “exercise ...

What Russians Really Think About America

5 мес. назад

Aria travels to Moscow for a glimpse at daily life in the Russian capital. Special Thanks to Kristina Korolyova: Credits: ...

Is SAUDI pivoting towards RUSSIA? - KJ Vids

3 дн. назад

At a first glance, Saudi Arabia and Russia have not much in common in terms of foreign policy: the former is one of America's closest allies, whereas the latter is ...

Farkas: Russia Needs To Be 'Shamed,' 'Held Accountable' For Misinformation | MTP Daily | MSNBC

1 дн. назад

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Russia Evelyn Farkas talks to Katy about the appropriate response for Russian cyber misinformation ...

US Forces aggressively respond to Russia's military in sea

4 дн. назад

The US military responded this week to what it calls Russia's "unlawful and destabilizing actions" in Ukraine and elsewhere by pushing back against Moscow on ...

Pompeo slams Russia for sending bombers to Venezuela

1 нед. назад

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo calls Russia's decision to send two nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela a 'collaboration between two corrupt governments'; ...

Ukraine Deployed Tanks & Fighter Jets to Face Down Russia Amid Fears Putin Preparing for Invasion

10 час. назад

UKRAINE has deployed dozens of tanks and fighter jets to face down Russian-backed separatists in its far east amid fears Vladimir Putin is preparing his forces ...

Russia S-8OFP : This New Russian Rocket Could Be a True Abram Tank-Killer

2 дн. назад

Russia S-8OFP : This New Russian Rocket Could Be a True Abram Tank-Killer Russian arms manufacturer Techmash has announced that its S-8OFP unguided ...

Too many Ladies - A normal day in Russia

2 мес. назад

A normal summer day in Russia and a perfect hot weather for action! Too many beautiful Ladies on the streets. ▻ Camera Used for this video: ...

Meanwhile in RUSSIA Funny Compilation || Russian Crazy Clips || MIR 2018

8 мес. назад

If you would like to see more funny videos please subscribe to the Meanwhile in Russia channel for weekly new videos, thank you! Sᴜʙsᴄʀɪʙᴇ ...

RT correspondent witnesses landing of Russian Tu-160 bombers in Venezuela

1 нед. назад

Venezuela #Russia US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has slammed Russia for sending long-range bombers to Venezuela for a joint military operation.

History of Russia : Every Year

1 г. назад

This is history of today's Russia, in truth, the Duchy of Moscow gave it's beginning today's Russia music : 1. Farewell of Slavianka 2. God save the tsar 3.

Russia Hardbass Crazy Dance

2 г. назад

I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE FOOTAGE Song: Adidas Hardbass crazy russian dancing in saint petersburg.

Russia, China investments in Africa pose new threats to US?

5 дн. назад

Michael Froman, former U.S. trade representative, on how the U.S. should respond to Russia's and China's investments in Africa.

How did Russia Become an Empire? | Animated History

5 мес. назад

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RAW: Wreck of Norwegian frigate that sank after training to ‘fight’ Russia

16 час. назад

READ MORE: The Norwegian military has shared underwater footage of the KNM Helge Ingstad, a warship that collided with an oil tanker ...